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Learn more about Slovak crown (Slovenská koruna), the official currency of Slovak republic. Find links to actual exchange rates and get basic overview about prices in Slovak shops and restaurants.


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Slovak currency

Slovak Crown (in Slovak Slovenská koruna and sometimes in English Slovak koruna or Slovakia koruna)
One Slovak crown is divided into 100 hellers (halier, the abbreviation being hal).

Local abbreviation for Slovenská koruna is Sk, international abbreviation (ISO-code) SKK

Slovak banknotes are in denominations of Sk 5000, 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 20.
Slovak coins are in denominations of Sk 10, 5, 2, 1 and halier 50. The halier 20 a 10 coins are not used anymore and can be exchanged in offices of National Bank of Slovakia.

Euro is expected to be the official currency not earlier then in 2009.

Exchange rate of Slovak crown

Latest official exchange rate of selected currencies at National Bank of Slovakia. Please note that exchange rates in banks, hotels and exchange offices is silghtly lower (usually between 0,5 % and 5%).

Credit cards

The acceptance of credit cards and debit cards is high, anyhow not as much as in Western Europe or North America. In all hotels of three and more stars and in majority of two star hotels, all larger shops, gas stations and modern restaurants credit cards are accepted. The is low acceptance of credit cards in bars and pubs, taxi cars, smaller shops and public transport. It is recommended to have at least 20 EUR (or 25 USD) exchanged in Slovak crowns. In every bank, in shopping centers and at places like train stations and airports there is at least ATM.

Well accepted credit cards include Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard, as well as respective debit cards Visa Electron and Maestro. It might more difficult to use Diners Club or even more American Express. The JCB cards are nearly not accepted at all.

Travellers cheques

Travellers cheques Thomas Cook, American Express and Visa are accepted in major banks, exchange offices and some hotels. The commission is at least 1% of value of cheque.

Eurocheque must be used with a cheque guarantee card and may be cashed up to a maximum of 6500 Sk per cheque. Up to 10 cheques may be presented at once.

Prices in Slovakia

Shop prices

0.5 kg of bread 15 Sk

1 l of orange juice 30 Sk

1 l of milk 20 Sk

1 kg of apples 15 - 30 Sk (depending on season)

1 yogurt 12 Sk

0.1 kg of emental cheese 25 Sk

0.1 kg of salami 20 Sk

0.7 l bottle of Slovak white wine from 60 Sk

0.5 l bottle of Slovak beer from 15 Sk


Restaurant prices

Please note that restaurant prices varry heavily depending on quality of restaurant and location.

three course meal 120 Sk - 1 500 Sk

bottle of wine from 150 Sk

0.5 l of beer from 22 Sk

0.2 l of cola from 14 Sk

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